KICK lounge chair & SIDEKICK ottoman

frame in ash with English bridle leather

Design inspiration for this chair came primarily from the Finnish kick-sled (although I think it was actually invented in Sweden). A traditional sled used in northern Scandinavian countries, one stands on the back runners and kicks to propel it forward.

I set out to create an original chair that was both comfortable and well designed, one that could take its place in a long line of iconic chairs. It was conceived as I reflected on Canada’s 150th year and what our northern climate has meant to us as a country. While not a traditional Canadian mode of transport there is historical record of its use in Eastern Canada and southeast British Columbia around Fernie.

The frame is made of solid wood (shown in Ash) with English bridle leather back and Pirelli strapping. Silcone bronze ends highlight the head-pillow counterweight.

Frame wood, leather colour and upholstery fabric can be chosen by the client. Various colour and finish options are available.