ripple English sycamore, rosewood, curly western maple, silver-plated letterpress pieces

Ever since my time spent training in North Devon I had wanted to build a piece from ripple sycamore, a wood more commonly used in the UK. Quoin is made from a single plank, barely enough to complete the job. I wanted to include a drawer but didn't want to see the usual necessary structure and so I created a rather unconventional method of using the top to hold everything in place, making the drawer discrete. I call it a writing desk but made sure the drawer was ample enough to hold a laptop.

The rosewood box which ‘sits’ atop the upper right corner of the desk is actually fixed in place, as this element is integral to the original design.  I will admit, it did cause me to pause before I drilled holes through the flawless sycamore surface. The waterfall lids of the box each lift to reveal pen / pencil storage, a place for writing paper and a spot for whatever else you feel you need to have at hand. The vintage silver-plated letterpress hands point upward compelling you to lift.