walnut, curly western maple Pirelli strapping, custom brass pulls

Who doesn't want a 14’ sofa!?! I once made a miniature of an Adrian Pearsall style sofa for my wife and always thought one day I would like to build a full-size one for us. When it finally came down to doing it, I went all in. It was always meant to be spectacular as I made it for an exhibition and it turned out as good as I had hoped. It is so long that when it was under construction in the workshop people thought I was building an airplane wing.

No detail is overlooked, from the custom turned brass pulls carefully recessed in the drawers, the exact placement of the row of buttons on the back cushion to the gently softened edges on the woodwork.

Designing this piece was another exercise in mastering form & function. The challenge was to find the perfect comfort level in regards to the depth and angle of the cushions, density of foam and height of arms (etc).  I have to thank my friend Celina, the upholsterer, for her valuable input and workmanship.

Hanging sculpture, by Propellor Studio